Best straightening iron for long course hair?

I have very thick, course, long hair and its really hard to manage. It takes me about 2 hours to straighten my hair and even then my hair isn’t completely straight. Since my hair is so course, i still have tight waves on the crown of my head. I want to know what is the BEST straightening iron for my hair? Something that will completely straighten my hair in less than a hour without too much damage. I’ve heard of tourmaline flat irons. Are those any good? I don’t care about the price.

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2 Responses to “Best straightening iron for long course hair?”

  1. Jessica W says:

    I do not have course hair but I have a HAI brand straightener. I absolutely love it! the settings can go up to about 425 degrees, l do not have to put it up that high because my hair is not too thick either. if you have thicker, course hair you could always turn the heat up to a higher temperature. Another popular brand is Chi. Hope that helps!

  2. BunnyRabbit says:

    i heard ghds were best for all hair but are very very very expensivo

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