how do you remove stains etc from your steam iron. not sure what it was made from?

came bk from being borrowed with a gunky stain on it that leaves unremovable markings on any clothes im ironing and want come off with anything i’ve tried cleansers or type of cloth/sponge/scratchpads

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8 Responses to “how do you remove stains etc from your steam iron. not sure what it was made from?”

  1. judith l says:

    if my iron happens to stick to anything, and gets black marks on the bottom, i use the finest grade sandpaper, and simply sand it off, (by hand of course). works great, and doesnt scratch the iron either.

  2. Grasshopper says:

    CLR worked for me.

  3. shopper girl says:

    Try iron cleaner. It comes in little tubes that you squeeze onto a towel and move the iron over it. I have always used these and they work very well.

  4. Hollywood Prod. says:

    A product you can get at the grocery store called C.L.R. will clean it

  5. brpeterson44 says:

    go to your local hardware, pick up some "goo-b-gone" No joke.
    or some lacquer thinner, that will eat away most anything, but it smells strong, so use it outside.

  6. Q. Heavy says:

    You said it came back from being borrowed. Its either time to go to the borrower and tell them to take care of it or pay half for a new one.

  7. butterfly brain says:

    Try using toothpaste – its a mild abrasive and works very well!

  8. Flow says:

    get a "chalk", try and find one and switch the team iron on. when it’s hot and still on, rub the chalk firmly on the stain, keep doing it but be careful not to burn yourself. the chalk gets a bit warm when cleaning and that is when it works.
    be patient when doing it. Remember to press firmly on the chalk when cleaning.
    It always works for me and it should do for you too.

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