IRONS.what is the best water to use?

what is the best water to use in a new steam iron? tap water..distilled or bottled water?i do not want to ruin another iron.i have tried all types and ruined an iron.again what is the best WATER to use

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4 Responses to “IRONS.what is the best water to use?”

  1. skypod says:

    Yes – it’s distilled (because there are no minerals that can clog up the steam holes or stain your fabric).

  2. Maynard says:


  3. Ginger says:

    Distilled. bottle water is filltered so thats gonna ruin your iron. and tap water is just for drinking and church usings.

  4. robert C says:

    ordinary water is fine, but every now again run white vinegar through it to clean out any calcium build up, also if the plate is discoloured run it over common salt

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