My iron has black stuff on it and it left marks on my clothes. How do I get it out?

My stupid roomate used non-distilled water in my steam iron and failed to remove it after he was done so it left black deposits on and in the iron, which has stained my clothes. How can I get it out?

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    3 Responses to “My iron has black stuff on it and it left marks on my clothes. How do I get it out?”

    1. Dr. Pepper says:

      Well I know how to fix the iron. Use a mixture of 1 part distilled water and 1 part white vinegar. Put it in the iron turn it on and go to town on and old towel or rag you don’t care about. For your clothes use cold water and oxi clean stain remover or FOLEX. Both work well

    2. Steve says:

      Try dampening it then place a dry towel, one that you don’t want, over it and run the iron back over it, should heat up the black stuff and pull it up into towel.

    3. Dowlinggram says:

      I think he put more than non-distilled water in your iron. The bottom may clean up with a Mr Clean magic eraser. If not and your iron doesn’t have a teflon plate you can clean it off with an sos pad. Put some water and vinegar in the iron and let it steam a bit and then dump it out. Repeat until the water comes out clear.

      When you are finished cleaning it run the hot plate over a bit of waxed paper for a smooth glide

      As for the clothes a stain removing spray and wash.

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