Ring around Collar. I must wear solid white dress shirts with necktie 5 days a week. Any shirt materials?

I can buy so I won’t have such terrible ring around collar stains no matter what I do? I used to buy white 100% cotton pinpoint shirts (Lands End) and oxford cloth shirts (JCpenney), and several shirts totally ruined after a few wearings. Now I have been buying Arrow brand Ultra Silk 55% rayon/45% polyester and these don’t stain and turn severe yellow as quickly. I scrub neck and shoulders thoroughly to make sure I am clean before putting a shirt on. Laundering: I prespot with Wisk Stain Dissolving Power Liquid, then put in clothes washer of HOT water with Clorox Liquid Bleach…wash in washer then put in dryer for 2 minutes, then hang on hanger while damp. These white shirts are never ironed because they are always worn under a suit coat and don’t wrinkle much. I have several shirts that are yellow and ruined around the collars. I have tried Shout also, doesn’t help much.

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5 Responses to “Ring around Collar. I must wear solid white dress shirts with necktie 5 days a week. Any shirt materials?”

  1. docdoom627 says:

    the best combination that I’ve found was from Dillard’s dept. store.the shirts i bought were a 50% cotton 40% rayon 10%polyester. when i got this combination i didn’t have that problem anymore.

  2. fairly smart says:

    I think maybe you may want to look at changing your body cleansing routine first…soap & water & a scrungie works well to clean that dirt & oil off before you even put on the shirt.

  3. Sandra? says:

    While the collar is wet, with either water or a stain remover, sprinkle with Oxiclean powder..Let set about an hour then wash.
    I worked at a cleaners and believe me I had many men’s shirts with the collars just like yours….It works for underarm stains also….
    Work the oxiclean in real good and make sure there is enough on the collar to cover the whole stain, before you leave it to set….

    Good Luck
    It`s the oils in your skin that does this, not dirt…You might try putting some powder (fragrant free) on you neck before you put your shirt on.

  4. grannyhuh says:

    There’s a pre-treat product on the market called Zout that worked real well for my laundry problems. Could it be that maybe the colors from your neckties are rubbing off onto your shirt collars? You might also want to try gently scrubbing the collars with a paste of baking soda and peroxide. Hope something works for you.

  5. Sir steven the plain says:

    When you get a new shirt, scotch guard it or use another of the fabric protectants.

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