*SUPER STEAM by Euro* THE ORIGINAL. made in Italy. (the new lightweight travel steam iron) HELP ME PLEASE! :(?

I bought this about a year ago, but I got to use it for the first time today. Anyway, the iron was extremely hot while using, and hot steam and water was even leaking in between the iron part and the handle part. It burnt my hand. When I went online to find the original seller to ask what might be wrong, I found no information at all.

For those who might have the same product, or know the product, I want to ask you what might be wrong or where I could find out. Please help me! It was so expensive, I don’t want it to go to a waste!

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  1. Pinguino says:

    It’s very unlikable it’s manufactered in Italy for real (if the box is the one you can see on the site below, the fact that the Italian flag is so flaunted is by itself a clue it’s a fake); like for food, Italy (along with other European Countries) saw often it’s own name exploited in order to sell cheap and low-quality products, often from unknown Asian manufacterers; and very often they don’t even comply European Union safety standards:

    Monday 7th November 2005

    Trading Standards Seize Unsafe Irons
    Wirral Trading Standards are warning consumers to check their irons after seizing 69 Super Steam irons that do not comply with electrical safety requirements.

    Electrical safety tests carried out by an accredited laboratory shows that a sample of the product failed to comply with the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations. They identified problems with missing safety warnings, excessive handle and body temperatures, instability and a failure to meet the requirements of a spillage test.

    Additionally the electrical standard states that electrodes shall not be used for heating liquids. This iron operates by passing current between two electrodes, which are in direct contact with salted water.

    The irons were sold in boxes carrying a code number, 00001143, and also bore the following bar code,
    8 021084 402018.

    The irons have the following markings:

    Type SOO1
    230v – 1000w
    110v – 500W

    Super Steam by Euro
    Made in Italy

    Any consumers who have a Euro Super Steam iron matching this description should cease using it immediately.

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