what causes brown spots when using a steam iron?

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6 Responses to “what causes brown spots when using a steam iron?”

  1. betty_bouti2004 says:

    Fill your iron with vinegar and heat it,iron it out on an old pillowcase and repeat a couple of times.The rust is a build up of the minerals in your water,empty your iron after you finish ironing.

  2. Sings Harmony says:

    Clean the bottom of the iron first and then use distilled water. It’s pretty cheap and it doesn’t have all the minerals in it that tap water does that causes the buildup inside your iron.

  3. Jack P says:

    clean the bottom of the iron

  4. SigmaVII says:

    Your iron has rusty water in it. But some vinegar in it to clean it out!

  5. MR. KRATOS says:

    Iron is to hot or water cointaner is dirty

  6. Really now says:

    This is rust and it happens because you don’t empty out the water after you used it previously. Make sure to let the iron get good and hot before using it and it will cut down on the iron spitting out rusty water. Also make sure to wipe the bottom of the iron before using.

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