What is the best flat iron/ straightener out there?

My hair gets really damaged by the flat iron I have now (Conair Infiniti). What is the best flat iron that won’t damage hair but still straightens quickly and efficiently? And are there any recommended products for heat therapy/ protection?

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6 Responses to “What is the best flat iron/ straightener out there?”

  1. Piperdog says:

    Paul Mitchell flat irons are AMAZING! They are quick heating, effective, and they leave hair shiny and silky. They are rather expensive though, so if you cannot afford that, try a Vidal Sasoon flat iron. They are cheap, around $20, while Paul Mitchell flat irons are around $140. Redken brand also makes an amazing heat protectant product, but this salon product is expensive. Loreal makes a good straightening product that protects the hair cuticle and strand.

  2. Claurinhnaaa says:

    the CHI brand defintaly works really well the plates are ceramic so this dosent cause as much damage to your hair, it attomatically heats up in 10 seconds-1 minute and heats up 300-370 degrees F. it also comes in really cute designs and colours, the CHI brand also has an amazing line of hair reconstructers, protecters, therapy etc for transforming damaged hair into healthy looking, smoother, silker hair :)


  3. angleshero says:

    the CHI brand works really well

  4. Krystal says:

    I love the CHI brand but its expensive. If u wanna save money buy a fahrenheit flat iron. Its works for me. And it allows u to make curls if u want to.

    PIC included:


  5. Whisper In The Dark says:

    As I know ,many people prefer to CHI or GHD nowadays.And They are really good ,I am using GHD.

    * Before you buy a hair straightener,you need make sure what kind of hair do you have and your budget you can pay,Or you will waste your time and money.Be careful *

    Choose as you like

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