What's the best curling iron and about how much does it cost?

I like curling my hair but my curling iron is SO old. It doesn’t barely work. So what’s the best type? Thanks!

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6 Responses to “What's the best curling iron and about how much does it cost?”

  1. Da Diva says:

    Hi baby how are you sweetheart it’s da diva here baby and well darling I am Italian and my hair is just naturally curly so I don’t need a curling iron but my good friend Funta has one and her works great on her hair. The curling iron that she has is called ”CONAIR” it’s a great price and it comes in many different shapes, types and brands. Some conair iron can curl your hair, some can straighten your hair, or even some can crimp your hair baby it just all depends on what kinds you get. You can buy it from pretty much anywhere.* good luck sweetie got to go love ya smootches da diva.*

  2. abigail.<33 says:

    Chi makes by far the best straightening iron… so they probably make the best curling iron, too! Here’s a link to one on Amazon
    They’re pricey, but are so worth it!

  3. brianne says:

    try wal-mart and get a curling iron it sould be at least 50 dollars or under!

  4. Crissa says:

    go to sallys or some other store that sells to professional products, my mom is a hair dresser and she tells me its the only way to get quality products. They last a long time, work good but they can be a little pricey sometimes. I suggest if you want to go somewhere other than sallys call ahead and make sure you don’t have to be licensed to shop there

  5. ?car chaser? says:

    Try Chi it glides on your hair, won’t burn it. It heats really fast. It Cost Around $119.00. If you have Linens & Things store near you. Buy It there. In the website LNT.com you can print a 20% off copon which can be applied to it.

  6. 23reasons says:

    curling irons are no good for your hair anyway because, they damage your ends and fries your hair. Why not hot rollers there hot, and they dont fry your hair; its curls it in minutes. Check beauty supply stores for different prices. In NY there about $25-$45 depending on the brand and how many a set, check it out!

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