why does my iron leave white streaks?

my iron is new but when i iron colored clothing it leaves like these white streaks if i don’t cover with a cloth or something. it is aggravating. i have turned down the heat, used bottle water.

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  1. pawn86 says:

    Check your ironing board cover and make sure it is completely flat. Then empty your iron of all water and use a spray bottle of water to iron. It may be that there is some additive in your water, like lime or chlorine causing the heat of the iron to leave mineral deposits on your clothes. If the white lines disappear, I would use bottled water in your iron or continue with the spray bottle.

  2. William B says:

    coating on the iron surface , if its not a teflon coated use a fine steel wool to clean it,

  3. his woman giggling says:

    depends on the type of bottled water you are using. You have to use DISTILLED water in an iron, that is the only water without mineral deposits in it.

    If not a coated iron, place a thick folded towel on board, let iron get hot on high setting and ‘iron’ over a piece of steel wool on the towel, several strokes. Then, get a clean towel and dampen it a little and iron over it to get the residue off the iron. Then, use another towel and a piece of waxed paper. Iron the waxed paper, this will reduce ‘drag’ on the iron that can occur after cleaning. (Make sure you have ironed all the residue off the iron.) There are iron cleaning products that come in a tube a little bigger than toothpaste. Follow directions for cleaning a non-coated iron.

    If iron is coated, empty out water and put about 1/4 cup of vinegar in the iron and then ’steam’ a large folded towel until all the vinegar is out. Then put in distilled water and iron another towel with steam until the iron empties. Then it should be cleaned.

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